Concurrency Oriented Programming in Erlang

Joe Armstrong, Swedish Institue of Computer Science

  1. Philosophy
  2. Language
  3. Wars
  4. Dollars

In this talk I introduce the idea of a "Concurrency Oriented" programming language.  I say what characterizes a CO-PL and what is good about a CO style of programming.  I argue that concurrent programs are easier to write and understand than sequential programs.  I argue why COP (Concurrency oriented programming) is good. I argue that RPC and SOAP style programming are simple forms of COP.  I introduce Erlang - and ask if it is a CO-PL (answer Yes - almost).

I give the fabulous TEN minute Erlang course.

I talk about the development of Erlang. (The WARS)

What kind of problems was it designed to solve?

Did it work?

I tell the Bluetail story?

I discuss the major successes of Erlang. (The Dollars)

The order of the lecture may not necessary follow the order given above.