Using a Functional Language lightens code

component functions: button, label, textfield, textarea, choice, menus, ...
layout functions: border, row, col, grid, table, splitpane, scrollpane
fonts and colors ...
(load "jlib/Swing.scm")

(define w 
 (window "sorry" 
    (menu "File"
      (menuitem "quit" red 
          (action (lambda(e) (.hide w))))))
      (label "Join Request Refused" (HelveticaBold 24)))
      (textarea 5 30 (TimesRoman 18) yellow
        "Your request to join the group\nhas been denied")))
      (button "OK" 
         (action (lambda(e) (.hide w))))))))

(.pack w) (.show w)


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LL2, Saturday 9 November 2002, Tim Hickey/Ken Anderson