Leveraging Libraries in Lightweight Languages: the Jscheme Experience, Or Why Bambi Snuggles with Godzilla

I'm, Ken Anderson, from BBN. BBN has been using lightweight languages since 1965, when L. Peter Deutsch, then a high school student, implemented Lisp on the second PDP 1, the first being here at MIT. I've been lucky enough to have used lightweight languages for the past 28 years.

This half hour segment will be divided into 3 short talks.

The first 2, 6 minutes each, are from users of lightweight languages, so listen up language developers!

Gary Kratkiewicz, from BBN, will describe ICIS a web application developed for the Defense Logistics Agency which has used lightweight langauges in various ways for the past 8 years.

Geoffrey Knauth, from BAE Systems, will describe the Data Set Manager, which was developed to address a critical problem in ICIS and is written in the lightweight language, JScheme. Slides in power point or HTML.

Tim Hickey will describe our attempt to identify where lightness comes from. Slides, ll2.scm, talk.servlet.