Lightweight Languages Workshop 2002 (LL2)

Saturday, November 9, 2002

34-101, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA



LL2 was an intense, exciting, one-day forum bringing together the best programming language implementors and researchers, from both academia and industry, to exchange ideas and information, to challenge one another, and to learn from one another.

Now that the workshop is over, this site serves as an archive of the proceedings.


Thanks to sponsorship from Microsoft and Dr. Dobbs Journal, you can view the recorded webcast of LL2

  1. The morning session, from 10am to 12:35pm (EST), can be viewed at
  2. The afternoon session, from 1:45pm to 6pm (EST), can be viewed at

You'll need a Real  player to view these streams.


Concurrency Oriented Programming in Erlang (invited talk)
Joe Armstrong, Swedish Institute of Computer Science.    AbstractJoe's Slides (PDF).

From Scripts to Programs: The Run-Time System, Or
Lightweight Languages as Lightweight Operating Systems
Matthew Flatt, PLT.  A tar/gzip archive of Matthew's talk, which was running in MzScheme.

Supporting Persistent Objects in Python
Jeremy Hylton, Zope Corporation
Safe Asynchronous Exceptions For Python
Stephen N. Freund, Williams College, and Mark P. Mitchell, CodeSourcery, LLC
Disruptive Programming Language Technologies (invited talk)
Todd Proebsting, Microsoft Research.  AbstractTodd's slides (PPT).
The Needle Programming Language
Neel Krishnaswami.  Neel's slides (PDF).
Leveraging Libraries in Lightweight Languages: the Jscheme Experience, Or
Why Bambi Snuggles with Godzilla

Kenneth R. Anderson, BBN, and Timothy J. Hickey, Brandeis University, and Geoffrey S. Knauth, BAE Systems, and Gary L. Kratkiewicz, BBN.  Slides (HTML).
The Ruby Programming language (invited talk)
Yukihiro Matsumoto.  Abstract
IBM Lightweight Services
Christopher Vincent, IBM Internet Technology.  Chris' slides (PPT).
Why Extension Programmers Should Stop Worrying about Parsing and Start Thinking about Type Systems
David M. Beazley, University of Chicago
The Laszlo application description language, LZX
Oliver Steele
End.  Head out for Dinner.

The focus of the workshop is not whether or not a particular language is "lightweight", but how to get usable and useful programming tools into the hands of programmers, minimizing dogma, and maximizing flexibility.


Official Call for Presentations.  The deadline for submissions was Tuesday, Oct. 8.

Last year's workshop (LL1) is online at   

You are encouraged to subscribe to the mailing list.  To subscribe, send mail to with the command subscribe ll1-discuss in the body. Archives of the ll1-discuss list are available.  

Program Committee

Paul Graham, Arc 

Jeremy Hylton, Zope Corporation 

Shriram Krishnamurthi, Brown University 

Olin Shivers, Georgia Tech. 

Dan Sugalski, Perl Foundation 

Greg Sullivan (chair), MIT AI Lab 

Dan Weinreb, BEA Systems, Inc 


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